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DDTOP was invited to participate in the 29th Annual Academic Conference of the Northeast Process Automation Design Professional Committee and the Annual Academic Conference of the Automatic Control Engineering Design Committee (2019) of China Instrumentation Society.

The 29th and 2019 Academic Conference of the Northeast Process Automation Design…


Promoting Safety Express, DDTOP Industry Responsibility

The “2019 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Chemical Enterprise Automation and …


Oil Flow Training Courses

September 10th?~ 11th?,2019 China Metrology Science Institute Strategy Institute…


DDTOP Functional Safety National Tour

Speak Up for Safety DDTOP Functional Safety National Tour In May, spring is not …


Experts come to Inner Mongolia – DDTOP experts were invited to attend the 2016-2020 National Large and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises Electrographic Technology

Touring Promotion Conference–Ordos Station The Engineering Technology Deve…


DDTOP in the Northwest Chemical Enterprises Automation and Safety Instrumentation System Transformation Technical Forum

Interview with Mr. Ye of the Northwest Conference Safety is an eternal topic in …